Penn Mutual's Possibilities Podcast

Breaking Down the SECURE Act

February 13, 2020 Penn Mutual
Penn Mutual's Possibilities Podcast
Breaking Down the SECURE Act
Show Notes

Meg Muldoon, Penn Mutual’s Assistant Vice President of Advanced Markets, breaks down the SECURE Act’s key components, shares tips on how you can help clients understand the impact and touches on leveraging life insurance to help clients achieve long-term retirement goals.

Meg Muldoon, J.D., and LL.M. in taxation, is Assistant Vice President of Advanced Markets at The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company. Meg supports financial professionals with case design, technical expertise, strategic advice and marketing and educational support across a myriad of areas including estate and charitable planning, business succession planning, selective employee benefits and retirement planning.

Resources related to this podcast:
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Penn Mutual’s products and services are provided through knowledgeable, licensed Financial Professionals who were previously referred to as advisers.  This Possibilities Podcast was recorded prior to this change in title. Therefore, any references to the term adviser in this podcast should be interpreted as “Financial Professional.”

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