Penn Mutual's Possibilities Podcast

Thriving in a Virtual Business Environment

July 16, 2020 Penn Mutual
Penn Mutual's Possibilities Podcast
Thriving in a Virtual Business Environment
Show Notes

M.C. Laubscher, President and CEO of Producers Wealth, and Patrick Donohoe, Founder and CEO of Paradigm Life, discuss the digital technologies, tools and strategies they’re utilizing these days to grow their business and develop deeper connections with clients.

10 Point Checklist

  1. Organize a digital database of current and prospective clients in a customer relationship management system
  2. Setup email automation tool to communicate with client base (such as Mailchimp)
  3. Setup Zoom account for communications, calls and webinars (Pro tips: buy a cost effective microphone for clear sound quality and have great lighting in your office)
  4. Setup an account on a survey software to collect data and information (such as SurveyMonkey)
  5. Setup social media accounts (such as Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube)
  6. Weekly meaningful communication distributed to multiple channels 
    1. Communication
      1. Quote
      2. Commentary on a relevant topic
    2. Channels
      1. Email
      2. Social Media
      3. Physical Mail
  7. Host a monthly webinar teaching your audience something relevant
    1. Single topic
    2. No more than 30 minutes
  8. Maintain a virtual meeting/business rhythm
  9. Generate yearly/monthly/weekly/daily scorecard
    1. Al Granum
      1.  New clients = 10/3/1 standard
      2.  Current clients
  10. If remote, make it a goal to inspire your team daily with a(n):
    1. Quote
    2. Message
    3. Observation
    4. Shout Out

Patrick Donohoe, President and CEO of Paradigm Life & PL Wealth, and M.C. Laubscher, CEO of Producers Wealth are unaffiliated with The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company (PML). Guests' views, comments, and opinions on products, services, or strategies do not necessarily represent the views of or imply endorsement by PML or its affiliates. This podcast is for educational purposes only and should not be considered specific tax, legal, investment or planning advice and may not be appropriate for all clients. Clients should consult with their financial professional and other trusted advisors for guidance based on their circumstances. Product availability, benefits and provisions vary by state. NOTE: Any discussion of investing involves risk, including potential loss of principal. Past performance is no guarantee of future results and any hypothetical examples provided are not intended to predict actual results. Actual results will vary.

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